Saint Andrew's Society
Los Angeles
Established 1930

Welcome to the Saint Andrew's Society of Los Angeles

Ceud Mìle Fàilte!


The Saint Andrew’s Society of Los Angeles is the oldest organization in Southern California devoted to the promotion of Scottish culture. This is the only official website for the society.


The purpose of the Society is to promote Scottish history, traditions, and culture by developing educational and charitable undertakings that nurture relations between the Society, the people of Los Angeles and the greater community.


If you are not yet a part of SASLA and are interested in learning more about the society and its activities, take a minute or two to browse this website. If you like what you learn and would like to join us, take the next step and click on the Membership link above. The membership application can be submitted online or downloaded and printed and once completed mailed to the society’s membership chairperson.


Membership in the St. Andrew Society of Los Angeles is open to anyone who is Scottish by birth, by heritage, or by inclination. The Society promotes Scottish individuality through friendship and the observance and celebration of traditional and contemporary Scottish culture.

Though the Society is named after the Patron Saint of Scotland, it is not a religious organization, and it is not affiliated with any clan.




30TH JULY, 2017

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